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May is the month for better hearing. 

We are currently accepting New Patients.
All new Patients will receive a complimentary Hearing Screening.
This is for New Adult patients only. Expires 6-30-2016


Wiest Audiology and Professional Hearing Aid Services 

  • Hearing loss is a normal part of the aging process for most people. However, there are things that you can do to prevent and correct changes in your hearing. Whether you are a senior citizen or have a young child struggling to hear clearly, Wiest Audiology & Professional Hearing Aid Service is here to help.


  • Wiest Audiology & Professional Hearing Aid Service offers the best audiology and hearing aid services for patients of all ages in the Butler, PA area. Whether you need a hearing aid fitting, an adjustment, or complete diagnostic testing, we are fully prepared and equipped to assist you.


  • We understand the frustration that is felt every time you have to strain to hear when listening to family, friends, or even a television program. Let us help you get your hearing back to where you want it to be! Our professional audiologist, Evelyn J. Wiest Kertz MS, CCC-A, is trained to provide you with complete diagnostic testing and hearing aid recommendations.