July 18th and 19th

Dear Patients and Friends:

Last year we conducted patient trial studies and fittings on a new hearing aid that was launched by the manufacturer Oticon. Many of our patients benefited from the technological advances in the Opn chip. Oticon has now expanded the Opn chip to their low and mid level technology levels as well as in a power Behind The Ear product. Plus these products can now be rechargeable!

We are looking for patients to trial these devices.

An Oticon Audiologist will be present at the workshop and one lucky patient will receive a complimentary T.V. Streamer! Make your appointment today!

Please pass this letter along to a friend in need if you cannot attend.


Evelyn Wiest-Kertz, M.S., CCC-A


Negotiated Pricing for all

Levels of Opn Technology

Expires 7-10-2017


Drawing for Free T.V. Streamer.

Has to be used with Oticon Opn Aids.

Expires 7-10-2017

Click the link to download and print the flyer &  couponssummer WORKSHOP ANNOUNCEMENT 2017











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